Founder/Owner/CEO – Garrett Duncan Hazelwood, B.A.

Mr. Hazelwood is the big cheese here at TRR.  He conceived of, founded, financed, and produced our then-tiny unconventional indie press back in 2012 while living alone in a closet-sized shanty atop a crumbling pier in an isolated Thai fishing village near the Cambodian border, and working long hours beneath the bare light of a single flickering fluorescent bulb (or lucubrating by candlelight during the frequent monsoon season blackouts).  In fact, our first issue was printed on bamboo leaves in teak sap ink and bound together with painstakingly extracted Macaque monkey chin hairs before being circulated widely amongst the mostly illiterate, entirely non-English-speaking local population.  Garrett likes to joke that in some of the more remote corners of Southeast Asia you can still, to this day, find bathroom walls papered in those historic early pages.

Clearly, we’ve come a long way since then.  Both our staff and readership have expanded considerably.  But the ideals, the passion, and the revolutionary aesthetic that Mr. Hazelwood developed so long ago have nevertheless remained constant through the years, and continue to make TRR the unique gem of artistic achievement that it has always been, and (with luck) always will be.

Editor in Chief – Garrett D. Hazelwood

Garrett began his career here at The Roaming Review as a fresh-out-of-college entry-level intern––brewing coffee and collating papers for senior staff members­­––when the magazine first started up back in early 2012.  Since then, he has steadily worked his way up through the ranks, constantly impressing and inspiring us with his relentless work ethic, his unwavering willingness to work late hours doing the jobs that no one else would, and his always-exquisite contributions to TRR’s content.  Now, as editor, he has taken the publication in some exciting new directions, and has become the primary architect behind the distinct aesthetic that continues with each issue to make its indelibly infamous imprint on the literary community.

Staff Writer – G.D. Hazelwood

Certainly our most distinguished and stylistically innovative staff writer, G.D. Hazelwood is a cornerstone of this literary publication, and contributes everything from blog posts, to travel articles, to short fiction and poetry.  In his long and accomplished career as a writer, he has tragically escaped the notice of many established mainstream critics and editors, but is considered by his select and dedicated following to be one of the most talented writers of modern times.  His most recent short story collection, chapbook of poetry, and novel are all due to be published soon by various obscure esoteric independent presses.  So keep an eye out, and be sure to pick one up in your local bookstore soon.

Sketch Artist ­– GD

Not much can be said about GD because, frankly, we don’t know much about him.  He (or she?) is an incredibly elusive media-shy recluse, who creates incendiary and controversial works of emotive brilliance from behind the opacity of utter solitude and secrecy.  GD is believed to be about medium height and average build with brown or blue or green eyes and living somewhere in South America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean region, or deep in the dense jungles of Asia.  His submissions to the magazine are made electronically and sent from an untraceable IP address.

We had every intention to say something insightful about his style and the breadth of his possible influences, but––after much careful criticism and heated debate––can scarcely decide where to begin.  Suffice it to say that his art is unlike anything the world has ever seen: utterly original, defying categorization, and breathtaking in its range and absolute creativity.  GD is a genius––an enigma.

Web Designer – Garrett Hazelwood

Every literary publication worth its salt these days inevitably needs a techie dweeb to launch its web presence and, for TRR, Garrett Hazelwood is just that.  So, while he may not know how to properly incorporate independent clauses into complex sentences or have even the slightest inkling what a gerund is, he sure is a whiz with html code and can jabber your ear off for hours and hours about zeros and ones and all sorts of gigabit/terabit nonsense.

The Roaming Review wouldn’t be what it is today without his hard working contributions.

 Photographer – Garrett H.

Mr. H. is the guy who takes pictures of things and sends them to us.  Many of them are quite beautiful, many others are just so-so.  Our research team conducted a recent poll, which concluded that 84.333% of our readers ‘moderately to mostly’ enjoy looking at colorful visual stimuli; so the decision was passed down from corporate to begin including photography in our quarterly review.

Ordinarily, this space would be used to convey a few interesting nuggets about Garrett’s social life, personal history, personality quirks, and/or working methods.  Unfortunately, there are none.  Garrett H. is simply, well, vanilla.  We apologize (though somewhat apathetically).


Visual Artist – Michelle Drummy 

Michelle is a San Diego-based artist, whose work blends abstraction and surrealism, while investigating the intersections of science and art.  So given that much of her work draws upon neuro-anatomical research in its exploration of emotional experience, many esteemed scholars and art critics maintain that her preoccupation with the brain stems from the fact that she is utterly MAD.


Hire A Freelancer!

If you are interested in hiring any (or all) of these extremely talented and hard-working individuals for freelance work (especially art/design articles, travel writing, copy writing, and web content), please don’t hesitate to send a request to contact@theroamingreview(dot)com.

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  1. Garrett, You are hysterically funny and very talented. I hope that losing your flip flops for a few hours is the worst that happens to you. Travel safely. Stay well. Keep writing! Love, Donna – one of your biggest fans

  2. Hey Garett, nice meeting you at wadaikanal, Your blog looks interesting, looks like your super talented:) , if you have time do visit Kerala and Goa you will love it ,I am not sure if you visited it already anyways hope you enjoy your stay in India.
    feel free to reach us if your here in Bangalore. Take care bye now:)

  3. Garrett, you and Luke know how to select the absolute best illegal cab drivers in Costa Rica. The one you picked to go from Playa Negra to Santa Cruz was classic.Good luck on your future selections.Yours with the Waves!

    1. Seems like the shifty cabbies always have the best stories. We certainly enjoyed yours. Thanks for the wisdom, laughs, and the perfect swell that arrived as soon as you left! Hope we’ll cross paths again one day soon, Ralph!

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