The Highlights

Since 2012, TRR has wandered from Laotian jungles to Indian deserts to Nicaragua's remote Pacific coast. So to mark our 3rd year of roaming, we combed the archives to bring our best work back into the spotlight:
From the annals of TRR art history, GD's Blue Ink Series gives a tragic-comic glimpse into the mind of a lonely artist waiting out monsoon season in a leaky Thai hut. From a guilt-ridden, amateur photographer with literary ambitions, On Photography tells why some travelers return from long trips with few pictures. And from a morbid young writer in Jaipur who knew exactly what he was getting himself into, but got on the bike anyway, Jaded is a short story well worth a second look.

What's New?

TRR News


TRR has evolved! After months of hard work, our design team finally finished the latest edition of the site, making it easier to find our best work and latest content. But the new website is just the tip of the iceberg. We've added a Featured Artist section to highlight one new up-and-coming artist each month, while giving you a chance to support their work by buying limited-edition prints and original paintings. We've also launched an ongoing collaborative City Sketches project, in which Michelle Drummy's illustrations are paired with our roaming editor's poetic impressions of his favorite spots around the world. Of course, we've also stayed true to our roots with a fresh new round of global photography and literary travel narratives you won't want to miss.



Attention Roamers:
TRR is now accepting open submissions! We publish border-crossing art, photography, and writing from artists around the globe. So send us your best work, show us the world through your eyes, and help us take TRR somewhere new.

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Featured Artist


Our featured artist this June is utterly MAD. Michelle A. Drummy does most of her roaming these days in San Diego, where the labyrinth of her mind provides ample territory for aesthetic exploration. After graduating from the arts program at UC Santa Barbara in 2010, she joined southern California’s art community––working as curator, art dealer, art studio manager, and most recently as an instructor of painting & illustration. An obsessive researcher, Michelle’s work (which you can see more of at often explores the intersections of science & art. In Adrift, however, her dreamlike landscapes loom in a tenuous fabric of oil & pastel. Check out her online exhibition here, & help support Michelle’s work by buying one of her original paintings at TRR today!

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